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40,000 New Volunteers arrive at GiftsToGive

April 4, 2019. Acushnet, Massachusetts

Too windy to go sailing or maneuvering a kite. Way, way too windy to fly, especially if you’re a honey bee! Which turns out to be perfect for motivating 40,000 volunteers into their new home! Seems the bees were in a hurry to get out of the wind, into their shelters and anxious to free their Queens.

If you’re thinking “what do honey bees have to do with a children’s charity”?
See our original story HERE.

April 27, Marion COLLECTION DRIVE!

Partner’s Insurance, Sponsors Volunteer Evenings! May 9, 5-7pm

What better way to share your values with your family, your friends and co-workers than volunteering after work? Our friends at Partners Insurance are sponsoring a series of after work Volunteer Evenings! Please join us if you can!

  • May 9th – Thursday, 5-8pm

June 1, Our Annual “Rising Tide” Acushnet Clam-boil and Lobster Dinner

Sponsorship Opportunities HERE