Grace is a bright and shining light!

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Student intern Grace Boiros just graduated high school and is off to college in the Fall. During her Social Entrepreneurial Internship with GiftsToGive, Grace has done a lot. Grace started her internship helping out in the Thrift Store. She gradually started cashiering and soon became our top Cashier. She was invaluable. Her customer service was superb, and her cash counts were always exact and correct.

Grace then changed her focus to children and began fulfilling gifts package requests from social workers for children’s clothes, toys, books, safety equipment and enrichment items, focusing on arts and crafts supplies. Over her last two years Grace directly helped package gits for hundreds of local children. Imagine a high school student being responsible for directly helping so many children!

Every GiftsToGive Student Internship culminates in a Personal Philanthropy Project. Grace spent hours interviewing Senior Volunteers who packaged gift requests. She spent a ton of research time figuring out what would be the best things to give kids for arts and crafts. This week Grace made a presentation to our senior volunteers for her Philanthropy Project.

When we think about the impact this young woman has and will continue to have, it reinforces for us that it is never too early to introduce philanthropy and entrepreneurship to young people. For us, Grace shines a bright and focused light on what is best about the work we do. We see Grace as a great hope for her generation and we are so very proud to be associated with her!

See Grace’s Philanthropy Project Presentation




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