Sometimes a Lemonade Stand is more than a lemonade stand.

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Sometimes a Lemonade Stand is more than a lemonade stand.

Four amazing girls and their friends got together to host a Lemonade Stand Fundraiser to give back and help other children. Here is what one of their mother’s told us: “With lemonade, homemade lemonade ice pops, cucumber-mint water and “mystery bags” with handcrafted bracelets and candy, the girls raised money for two causes. One of them was GiftsToGive, and they’re proud to donate their $400 raised thanks to the generosity of those who stopped by.” 

Way to go to hosts Eliza Babbitt (4), Livie Maurer (9) and Mila Maurer (5) and their friends who helped out, including Amelia Colluci (5)!

With over 80,000 south coast children living in poverty, the need is overwhelming. Jim Stevens, our CEO, said; “that it costs GiftsToGive $25 to get a gift package of clothes, books and toys, out the door, to a local child in need. For these children to raise and then donate $400 translates to 16 local children being outfitted with needed essentials. Talk about Tangible Philanthropy!”

Jim also said that “the parents of these children must be recognized for understanding, modeling and acting in such a way as to lead by example that we all need to pitch in and help one-another. I commend these fine parents!”



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