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What Do Volunteers Do?

Volunteers do everything from unloading donations from cars and trucks to assembling individual gift package requests for children in-need, sent by our distribution partners.

Although specific tasks vary, here are some of the things that our volunteers do:

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Sort and Inspect Toy Donations

Kids of all ages (even the ones that never grew up) are always needed for this job. Volunteers inspect toys to make sure that they work correctly, and have all their parts before cleaning and sorting them by age and type.

Process Clothing Donations

Volunteers inspect all incoming clothes, sort them into type and size and then make clothing packs of well-coordinated outfits that children will be proud to wear.

Manufacture wrapping paper for our Birthday Program

Three and four year-old artists, color and decorate large papers to be used as wrapping for birthday gifts.

Book Processing

Inspect and sort books by age, for a specialized assembly by literacy professionals into a “7 Pack” included in every gift package.

Package “Welcome Baby”

supplies for newborns.


Constantly inspecting all incoming donations, accepting or rejecting them and then sorting the “keepers” by category, for other volunteers to process. Helping social workers pack their cars with gift-packages. Must have excellent customer service skills and world record patience.

Maintenance at the Factory

Are you a tinkerer? Maybe you’re married or related to one! There is ALWAYS something to repair, fix, retrofit, invent, re-invent, make safe. The factory is huge and there is always something needed to do to keep us safe and sound.


We assemble backpacks and packages full of school supplies, and arts and craft supplies.

Manage a department or task

Work a scheduled shift at GiftsToGive – once a week, three times a week – every day!

Fulfill requests for gift packages

Volunteers act as personal shoppers and scour our shelves for the best items we have available to fill detailed gift-package requests provided by our distribution partners.


Volunteers inspect adult clothing and household items for our Saturdays (only) Thrift Store. Inspecting and hanging clothes, cleaning glassware, pricing, merchandising and stocking the store. Constantly updating content and photos in our social media. Helping our Teen Interns in the Store on Saturdays.

We have useful work for everyone and try to make use of the unique gifts that everyone has to give. Individual volunteers and families can just “drop in” at the factory and we’ll put you to work. Just be sure to check out our Volunteer Code of Conduct below before you arrive! Potential volunteers may drop-in anytime and ask the Volunteer Manager on Duty for a 15-minute tour to see for themselves the different departments, type of work and meet other volunteers that are there on that day. We make volunteering easy, interesting and tangible. After the first visit, volunteers self-select how much time they want to give. Once a week is usually the average, but then some people volunteer three or four times a week. New volunteers and one-time volunteers are put to work on what we need that day. Volunteers who make a regular commitment are allowed to participate in the choosing of their on-going tasks.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday:
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday & Saturday:
9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Open by arrangement for groups.

Thrift Store Hours: Saturdays,

Group Volunteering

From faith groups to sports teams, corporate groups, community groups, Scout Troops, schools and all those in between, we love seeing people come together to make a difference. If you would like to coordinate a group volunteer visit of up to 60 volunteers, please fill out this form

Become a Volunteer Today!

Volunteer Code of Conduct

  1. Students 17 and younger must volunteer with a parent or guardian for their first time, we may make exceptions for future visits.
  2. Volunteers relate to contributors, other volunteers and staff members in a warm and friendly manner, and are courteous at all times.
  3. We do not tolerate verbal or physical abuse.
  4. Volunteers accept supervision from staff management.
  5. Volunteers contact staff members immediately with problems.
  6. Volunteers respect the confidential nature of client information.
  7. While your safety is very important to us, volunteers are responsible to exercise reasonable care, and to use accepted safety precautions in carrying out assigned duties.
  8. GiftsToGive is a drug-free and smoke-free environment. Drugs are allowed only with a written doctor’s prescription. Any volunteer considered to be impaired will be asked to discontinue volunteer services immediately, and will not be allowed to return.
  9. Volunteers are to dress appropriately for work in a warehouse.
  10. Volunteers may use the GiftsToGive telephones. Personal mobile phone use is allowed only when necessary and restricted to the lobby area only.
  11. No headphones, ear-plugs, mp3/iPod use are allowed in the factory.
  12. No food or beverages are allowed in work areas.
  13. Anything considered to be a weapon is not permitted on the premises. A “License To Carry” does not restrict our right as a corporation to regulate the possession of weapons on our property; therefore all firearms, handguns, knives and ammunition are prohibited on GiftsToGive property.
  14. Volunteers who smoke may only do so outside; at the north, rear, covered loading dock in the back of the building. All cigarettes must be disposed of properly in the appropriate cigarette containers.
  15. No volunteer will have any financial interest or receive any compensation or gratuities.
  16. Volunteers will report all accidents or injuries immediately to a staff person.
  17. Volunteers will not use any inappropriate language.
  18. Stealing, or willful damage of any property is wrong, will not be allowed, and will result in immediate removal from the premises and possible legal action.
  19. Any questions regarding any of the above must be directed to a staff member before starting your assignment.
  20. We make an effort to RECYCLE 100% of our office and work process waste. Before you throw anything into the dumpster, look into the Recycling Center location at the front loading dock.

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