Saint-Gobain People are the BEST! Thank You All!

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This is a story about one person making a  difference and a corporate culture that supports helping others.

One day, a few weeks ago, Patti Serpa came to shop in our Thrift Store and became curious about what was behind the curtain. Volunteer Manager, Ray Carpenter took Patti on a tour of the factory, and we thought, that was that.

A few weeks later Patti returned with her plant manager, Scott Campbell, with bags filled with sports balls!

Patti works for Saint-Gobain in Taunton. After her visit, she asked her plant manager to OK a collection drive for sports balls. How extraordinary Patti Serpa is, how wonderful that she works for a corporation that supports their employees to better their communities!

We want to thank the Taunton, Saint-Gobain Crew for the generosity and Patti for her love and caring!



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