Mission Statement

We’re waging a focused campaign against child poverty
We’re focused on building a new currency for philanthropy by building a more caring community that’s focused on child poverty, literacy, service to others and giving. By sharing our gifts we can ensure that children are connected with what they need both physically and mentally. 
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Our Environment

GiftsToGive is a former golf ball factory turned philanthropy factory located in the heart of the SouthCoast at the head of New Bedford Harbor and the Acushnet River.

The GiftsToGive Philanthropy Factory
1 Titleist Drive
Acushnet, MA 02743

Telephone: 508-717-8715
Email: [email protected]

Volunteer and Donation Drop-Off Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Wednesday & Saturday: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Sunday: Open by arrangement for groups.
Thrift Store Hours: Saturdays, 9am-2pm

Message from OUR founder

In the United States of America almost 50% of our children are living in poor or low-income families. On the Southcoast there are over 75,000 children living in poverty. We believe that we can reach most children-in-need by connecting community members, leveraging existing resources, and instilling to each person that we all have gifts to give. While our differences matter, our common humanity matters more and at its core, that’s what our programs and commitment to Tangible Philanthropy and Big Citizenship are all about. We each have a responsibility to the people outside of our own families – our neighbors, our community and our country. At GiftsToGive, we take a boots on the ground approach to this responsibility while making it easy for people to connect and easy for them to understand. With the help of our wonderful and inspiring volunteers, we were able to work with hundreds of Distribution Partners from dozens of different Child Welfare and Community Organizations to provide gift packages to thousands of local children-in-need every year. We thank you for your support, and so does our community.

– Jim Stevens

Tangible Philanthropy and Big Citizenship

At its simplest, volunteers process donated children’s items which get inspected, cleaned, organized and packaged into individual gift packages which are then gifted to local children-in-need, but it’s more than that. GiftsToGive gives young people from all backgrounds the opportunity to learn and understand that through their “doing”, the power of giving, and service and that we all have gifts to give.

Big Values
Poverty is wreaking havoc on families and public education. We can help combat this through building a more caring community while repositioning philanthropy and redefining citizenship. How do we do that? By keeping the following core values in mind
The Power of Giving and Service
  • GiftsToGive is about connecting young people to giving and service through doing
  • Supporting public schools
  • Connecting adults to sustainable, tangible philanthropy
Providing Kids With the Essentials of Childhood
  • Service Learning Programs with Schools
  • Early Literacy Programs
  • Mentoring
  • Tangible Philanthropy
  • Student Leadership and Intern Programs
  • Happy Birthday Programs
  • Giving immediate aid to kids in need of basic essentials
  • Bicycle Program sponsored by Yesteryear Cycling
Supporting Community Organizations
  • Supporting public schools, PTO building, volunteer opportunities, mentoring and early literacy
  • Connecting local agencies, schools, universities and colleges
  • Adding value, being helpful, sharing, not reinventing or duplicating
  • Leveraging existing resources
Building Community Around All Children
  • Connecting families to act together to solve shared problems
  • Building a community around all our children, while fostering Big Citizenship
  • Connecting parents to help their children be successful in school

Student Volunteers

Volunteer Service Hours

Children Provided with Free Gift Packages

Pounds of Clothes Repurposed

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The GiftsToGive
Philanthropy Factory
1 Titleist Drive
Acushnet, MA 02743

[email protected]