We just met a remarkable 9-year-old!

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Samantha and Mother Nicole!

Friday morning we met a most remarkable young women, Samantha. She brought us six big boxes of brand new clothes and toys. When we asked her how she had done this amazing act of kindness, she told us her story:

I learned that a lot of kids do not have extra clothes and good toys. It made me sad and I wanted to do something to help them. I collected my families loose change, all year long, and then my mother matched what I had collected. We then went on a shopping spree! I feel better because I helped so many children.

When we talk about what is the best about us as a society, we talk about our children and our grandchildren. They are born with great hope and promise. They learn from what they are taught and experience. What makes a 9 year-old so empathetic and altruistic?  In this case, we think it is obvious; a mother named Nicole. This family strengthens their values as a family and shares their values with their neighbors.

With over 80,000 local children living in poverty, the need is overwhelming. For this family helping in a most tangible way, reflects a bright and shining light on what is best about us! Thank you Samantha and Nicole for showing us the way!



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