We met a most remarkable young woman, a high school student at Old Rochester Regional High School (ORR). Her name is Kaya Savaria, What she did was amazing but then she did something  totally unexpected. She thanked us for the opportunity. A solid “old school” value” totally embedded in a 21st Century Teen! Rather than we telling the story, we wanted to print what she wrote to us! GO KAYA!

Kaya’s Flyer

“I wrote the short essay you asked for. I just wanted to thank you for helping me make this possible and give back to the community. I really enjoyed it and I hope we can do it again in the years to come! The Old Rochester Regional Community Service Learning Club is a club where high school students can give back to their community. They put together a clothing and books drive. Kaya Savaria thought of this idea because during Covid, many people did not donate anything. She wanted to give to those who had an especially hard time during the Pandemic. For one week, students donated teen-sized clothing and books for all ages at our school. At the end of the week, we also collected donations from community members who drove up to the school and dropped them off with us. We were very pleased with our first collection drive as we filled the back of a truck. Because of our success, we plan on making this a yearly drive! Thank you so much! Kaya Savaria.”

Kaya and her fellow students in the Community Service Learning Club collected enough stuff to help 31 local children. How do we thank her and them and their advisors; Andrea Moniz and Karen Browning? We think that we can thank them with tangible metrics and with an enduring understanding of the power of giving and service.







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