what we do: Connect young people to the power of giving and service,through their "doing".

Service Learning and Internships

“Unless we get younger students meaningfully involved with their school and older students involved in their futures and community participation in government and decision making, we have real reasons to worry about the quality of our leadership and our democracy in the future.” – Jim Stevens, GiftsToGive Founder and CEO

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What is Service Learning?

Service learning is a method of teaching that combines formal instruction with a related service in the community through direct application and a guided reflection of the student’s experiences. Service learning goes beyond community service by integrating education with preparation, instruction and reflection in order to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, encourage lifelong civic engagement, and strengthen communities for the
common good.

Interested in bringing internships and service learning with GiftsToGive to your school? We can help administrators and teachers make it happen for Middle School and High School Students. Reach out to Jim Stevens by phone at 508-717-8715 x 111, by email at jim@giftstogive.org, or use the contact form below!

For our interns, each intern is cycled through the various departments at the factory to learn the process and then works with other volunteers in specific areas of need while being mentored by an adult Uber Volunteer. After their semester of work has been completed, they are required to bring a project that interests them based on their work to their mentor for approval and which we support through the project’s conclusion.

To learn more, check out our Student Leader Internship Program Application here:

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