We are known by the company we keep.

GiftsToGive is a completely volunteer managed and run organization with no payroll.

100% of monies raised fund our operating and programming expenses.

We have never taken or applied for a government (State or Federal) grant. 

We’d be remiss to not thank and acknowledge our financial sponsors and investors.

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Financial Statements and TAX RETURNS:

Our being completely transparent, is important for so many reasons.


We are known by the company we keep.

Family and Community Financial Support
  • The Robert F. Stoico / FIRSTFED Charitable Foundation
  • Richard B. Young
  • The Acushnet Foundation
  • The Thomas A. Rodgers Family Foundation
  • Timothy and Rebecca Blodgett
  • The Modafferi Family Foundation
  • The Arnold Foundation
  • The 13 Stripers Club
  • Charlie’s Children’s Charities, The Winterhalter Family
  • The Kenneth and Wendy Joblon Family Foundation
  • The Carney Family Charitable Foundation
  • Masons
  • Prince Henry Society
  • The Kaplan Simons Family Foundation
  • New Bedford Half-Marathon
  • Clowning For Kids Foundation
  • Friendly Sons of St. Patrick
  • The Lulu Foundation
  • The Lynch Foundation
  • The Upstream Foundation
  • Club Madeirense S.S. Sacramento
In-Kind Support
Uber Volunteers
  • James Stevens
  • Vivian Scrocca
  • Gilbert Cabral
  • Martha Kay
  • Alyse Blake
  • Louise Murphy
  • Sheila Gallagher
  • Jerry Tanguay
  • Nancy Collins
  • Pauline Turner
  • Diane Foster
  • Ann Polk
  • Louis Coffin
  • Carol Mcgill
  • Maddy MacGregor
  • Ruth Ann Walega
  • Brandon Moniz
  • Tom Mcgill
  • Mary O’Keefe
  • Ray Carpenter
  • Christine Voss
  • Connie Mcgrath
  • Bob Collins
  • Bob Shanley
  • Anne Santos
  • Camron Frazier
  • Marcia Mitchell
  • Thomas Kummer
  • Bill O’Keefe
  • Anna Langenfeld
  • Ronnie Pensiero
  • Lionel Rapoza
  • Eddie Cayton Jr
  • Bonnie Hartley
  • Carol Flanagan
  • Judy Moe
  • Marcia Harrison
  • Joyce Sykes
  • Rich Positive Pierre
  • Sol Guzman
  • Jacob Garcia
After School Philanthropy Club The Sorority At Normandin Middle School
City On A Hill High School Students, planting our tomato initiative, the Native American way!
SKILLS USA Vocational Students raising money, collecting stuff and committing to volunteer hours!
A Vice President and a fourth grader working in the Toy Department

Student Volunteers

Volunteer Service Hours

Children Provided with Free Gift Packages

Pounds of Clothes Repurposed

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