Today we were “Schooled” by a small, but mighty, Kindergarten Group!

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This morning we were visited by a small, but mighty group of kindergarteners, from the Andrew B. Cushman Elementary School in Dartmouth. They brought us a ton of terrific stuff. We had a swell time touring the factory. We had a serious conversation about how lucky some kids are and how other kids don’t have much. Their combined altruism was inspiring!

Rather than our telling the rest of the story, we asked Dr. Justine Dale, their Early Childhood Director to tell their story:

As part of our outreach efforts to the needy, our school the Andrew B. Cushman School – a Feinstein Leadership School -decided to run a drive to support your organization.  Our Gifts to Give drive culminated on the Random Acts of Kindness day, February 17th.


Our small school is made up of only six preschool classrooms and four kindergarten classrooms.  We were so happy to share the great number of donations that our Feinstein Junior Scholars raised during this drive. We had approximately 200 books, 39 packs of underwear, 64 packs of toothbrushes, 83 tubes of toothpaste, 29 pairs of shoes, and 46 packs of socks together with a variety of toys and miscellaneous items. – over 500 items in all! We believe in showing kindness in all we do at school, at home and in our community.


Today’s tour with you was a valuable learning experience for the handful of kindergartners that came with their parents to  help us  in getting our donations there! We were amazed to see the great care, organization, and dedication that is in place to create GiftsToGive. It is truly a remarkable place! It is very difficult to put into words what you can see when visiting there as the facility is huge!  I know that this will be a place I will want to visit again to help support the outreach that you do! Thank you for sharing this experience with us today!




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