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Happy Birthday Jaxon!

Jaxon Anthony Pemberton 2We met a most handsome, well behaved, smart and philanthropic, one year-old on Tuesday. His name is Jaxon Anthony Pemberton. Jaxon has no idea yet, how very lucky he is, but our sense is that he will grow up inherently understanding the power of giving and service.

Jaxon’s mother Elizabeth and father Joseph started a birthday tradition, beginning on his first birthday; that Jaxon, besides growing up to be healthy, well educated and faithful, would also understand his place in the world and his responsibility to help others. Jaxon donated several dozen brand new presents to help us with our Happy Birthday Program.

Inspired by Caitlyn

GiftsToGive_April3-2015 008Last Saturday morning we met a most remarkable girl, who did a most amazing thing!

We asked her Mom for details: “Caitlyn is a third grader at Pulaski Elementary School and she recently celebrated her 9th birthday. Caitlyn decided that she wanted to ask her friends to donate toys or clothing to GiftsToGive rather than receive gifts for herself. Through volunteering at Gifts to Give with her family, Caitlyn has realized the importance of giving to others”  

Caitlyn says: “There are so many needy children with no special toys. I am lucky to have more than I ever wanted. These children are very brave. I wish that these toys will give them a happy surprise on their birthday!

A Most Perfect Birthday Present!

Janet and SIXTY pairs of socks!

and SIXTY pairs of socks!

Early adopter and GiftsToGive volunteer Janet Galipeau stopped in on Saturday to donate sixty pairs of children’s socks!

But wait … there’s more! Janet was on her way to her friend Susan’s 60th birthday party. What do you get for a special friend who has everything? How do you really express your love, your friendship, your caring?

For Janet it was simple – her gift to her friend Susan was something that money cannot buy –  “A Very Real Act of Kindness and Caring.”

Abby shares her birthday – again!

Abby and her family

Abby and her family

Nine year-old Abby is in the 4th grade and lives over an hour away from New Bedford.

For the second year in a row, Abby asked friends coming to her birthday party not to bring her any gifts. Instead, she wanted them to bring new things that she could donate to GiftsToGive.

Abby likes to bring everything down to the mill with her sister, Maggie. Maggie is in the 2nd grade and just turned seven.