What is a Distribution Partner?
Distribution partners are our link to children in-need. They are social workers, nurses, teachers, guidance counselors, faith groups, community agencies and organizations who work directly with these children and their families. Since we do not distribute items directly to families, distribution partners are critical to the work we do.
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How Does It Work?

The process is simple. Approved distribution partners use “GiftEngine”, our custom, online shopping portal, to request individual gift packages and let us know what the kids they serve need. Our volunteers receive the request and then assemble a gift package with love and care. Gift package requests can be as specific as “Girl, age 12, loves Spiderman and unicorns, hates the color green, loves the color yellow, enjoys puzzles”, or as general as “Boy, age 4” Once the package is ready, the distribution partner comes by, picks up the order and delivers it to the child. There is no charge for this service.

Can I order items for my family?


We have no capacity to determine need, so we only distribute items through our approved distribution partners, not to the general public. 

If you need assistance for your child or a child you know, we recommend contacting a service agency from our approved distribution partners here:

I think I’m qualified for this. How can I become a Distribution Partner?

Our distribution partners are social workers, shelter workers, public school nurses, teachers, guidance counselors, faith and community groups and other professionals who work directly with homeless children, children living in poverty, and their families.

For more information on becoming a distribution partner, click here.

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