A Most Perfect Birthday Present!

Happy Birthday Program

Janet and SIXTY pairs of socks!

and SIXTY pairs of socks!

Early adopter and GiftsToGive volunteer Janet Galipeau stopped in on Saturday to donate sixty pairs of children’s socks!

But wait … there’s more! Janet was on her way to her friend Susan’s 60th birthday party. What do you get for a special friend who has everything? How do you really express your love, your friendship, your caring?

For Janet it was simple – her gift to her friend Susan was something that money cannot buy –  “A Very Real Act of Kindness and Caring.”

Jim Stevens, GiftsToGive’s CEO and Founder said“What a class act Janet is – think about it – what Janet did was help twenty children get three pairs of brand new socks in their gift packages. With over 3,000 local children homeless and over 30,000 SouthCoast children living in poverty – the need is overwhelming. For Janet to honor her friend Susan in this manner speaks volumes about friendship and for us it makes tangible what it takes to build a more caring community. We think Janet is a bright and shining light and we are privileged to know her!”



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