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$669.28 – You’ve got to be kidding!

With over 30,000 SouthCoast children living in poverty, and with most of them living in single head of households with one or two siblings – getting ready for school is a huge stress point for these parents and almost an impossible task!

Please think about cleaning out your closets and dropping “gently-used” clothing at our new location in Acushnet! New hygiene and school supplies are needed too. Call us at 508-717-8715 to help organize a collection drive.


HUGE Mirrors FIND A Home!

GiftsToGive_July17-2014_mirrors_ 006MIRRORS ARE GONE!

New story: (As of Saturday, June 19)  Taken by a martial arts studio in Wareham!

Old Story: As our mill building is being demolished around us and we’re  packing and moving – we totally forgot about our Project Cinderella mirrors.

We have FIVE mirrors that measure 7′ x 5′.

They cost around $450 each. They were donated and installed by an anonymous company four years ago. We’ve called around and cannot for the life of us find the company that donated and installed them!

It will cost $1,000 to move them and we can’t justify that expense right now.

SO …. if there is anyone out there that can use these mirrors, we would rather give them away than to have them destroyed! BUT THE CLOCK IS TICKING – They MUST BE TAKEN SOON!

Call Gilly or Freddy at 508-717-8715 if you’re interested.


Wareham’s Middle School Student Council set a most perfect example!

Wareham Middle School Student Council

Wareham Middle School Student Council

We came away from our day today – inspired! Wareham Middle School Student Council Members redefined altruism for us. Talk about the power of one and then multiply that by a factor of forty!

Photos from our day are here.

Wendy Brogioli, Student Council Advisor for the Wareham Middle School wrote – “Thank you very much for allowing us to help at GiftsToGive today. It was amazing to see such a big place filled with so many things that will be given to families in need. We had a great time sorting all of those toys, clothes, and books. This is one of the best field trips we’ve been on – mostly because we were helping kids, but also because it was fun. We’ll be back!

DeMello Elementary School – Student Council – A Force for Good!

DeMello Elementary, 4th and 5th graders

Joesph DeMello Elementary School
4th and 5th grade Student Council

On Monday, 70 members of Dartmouth’s Joseph DeMello School’s Student Council performed an afternoon of service..

The group of 4th and 5th graders, who have held donation drives to benefit some of the 35,000 local children living in poverty, volunteered their time inspecting, sorting and processing a zillion pounds of donated clothing and toys. They also experienced the power of giving and service in the most tangible ways!

When asked about her time at Gifts to Give, 5th grader Mia Paynton said – “I really enjoyed helping out today. I want to bring my sister and mom back to volunteer this summer. It is so important to help others.”

Photos from our day are here.