Student Intern, Molly

Student Intern, Molly


Molly’s quest to collect 1,000 gently used sports balls has hit snag after snag, then last week something positive happened.

The back story – Initially Molly went to the Bruins and asked for help in the form of a player coming to New Bedford and she and her hockey team would host a skating event. The Bruins could not send a player but did offer some of their surplus equipment – so that is working itself through. Then Molly went to the Celtics for help and they also could not send a player down to New Bedford. (You can see Molly’s letters to them below).

The positive thing that happened last week came in the form of Boston University and FYSOP! Sixty-eight incoming BU freshmen spent two days at the mill helping us process clothes (we were at the critical process place of swapping out summer clothes for winter clothes and getting ready for back to school.) See that story here.

Last week we received an email from Anthony Moccia asking to be connected to Molly. Who is Anthony Moccia you ask? Anthony is a senior at BU and was one of the chaperones for the the visiting BU freshmen. Here is Antony’s email –

Subject: Boston University – Helping Molly

Dear Jim,

My name is Anthony Moccia, I am a senior at Boston University and a member of the Men”s Varsity Ice Hockey Team here on campus. I had the pleasure of meeting you on Friday of last week.

I first wanted to thank you for sharing your passion with us. It had a great impact on me as well as the first years. I am writing for the purpose of helping you and Molly collect used sports balls. I spoke with my fellow athletes and all are on board. Some ideas being thrown around are maybe having a “bring your used sports ball” to one of our hockey games at Agganis Arena, maybe you and Molly can join us and speak in between periods or something. Or having a field day where people bring used sports balls. The hockey game if its advertised well may yield the most sports balls. Or we could do both!

Send me an email when you get the chance and we can start planning the best way to help Molly. and if you could send me Molly’s email I’d love to connect with her as well, to see what she would like to do!

Thanks Jim, and I look forward to making this happen.


Anthony Moccia

It’s a long story of how Boston University is connected to GiftsToGive in New Bedford (more on that later) but for us, the point is that 12 year-old Molly has a dream and will not quit! Talk about the power of ONE.

We’ll keep you posted on Molly’s big adventure!




Each of our Summer Student Interns has a special project to complete as part of their workload.

12 year-old Intern Molly has chosen to collect 1,000 gently-used sports balls and her big idea is to try and partner with professionals. Thinking big and then acting is part of being a Social Entrepreneurial Intern.

We think Molly is a bright and shining light in her generation.


(Also – if you know someone at the Bruins or Celtics or any other team – or have a way to help Molly – now would be a perfect time!)

This is what Molly wrote to the Bruins – “Hi, my name is Molly Hoefel.  I’m 12 years old and I live in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. I am in the 7th grade at St.James St. John School in New Bedford.

 This summer, I was chosen to be a student intern for the summer at an organization called GiftsToGive. GiftsToGive is a non-profit organization that supports thousands of local children in community service. We collect donations of toys, books, clothes, sports equipment for under privileged children living on the SouthCoast from Newport to Wareham.

 My assignment for the summer is to fill a large commercial fishing net in GiftsToGive building full of assorted sports balls. Which is the reason I am writing.

 Dougie Hamilton is my favorite player and my idea was to ask him to come down to Hetland Ice Arena in New Bedford, which is where my local youth hockey program plays out of, and sign autographs and skate with us for a little while. This is where my donation idea takes effect – because we can ask all the kids who would like an autograph or to skate with Dougie to bring in a certain number of new or “gently-used”sports balls.

 If you would like to contact me, my email is: [email protected] .

 Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.

 Molly Hoefel
Social Entrepreneurial Intern

Net as I would like it to be

Net as I would like it to be

Net as it is now

Net as it is now








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