* UPDATE* Bishop Stang High School – Exemplifies Giving and Service


This year’s freshmen class set new GiftsToGive records! Not only in making a huge difference but they collectively processed a week’s worth of donations in a morning!

Besides setting a new record for the most amount of donations processed in a morning, this year’s class helped to define giving and service in a whole new way. Photos here.

Here is what Student Journalist, Will Landry had to say about their combined class experience:

         On October 16, Bishop Stang High School’s freshman class traveled to New Bedford, Massachusetts, prepared to serve others. One-hundred forty-eight students and twenty faculty entered through the doors of the GiftsToGive charity that morning.  Jim Stevens, head of the charity, spoke to the class. Jim explained to the students that they were there to help others who were not as fortunate, and who did not have as many benefits as we did. The class was eager to help, and they got to work immediately.
       The process began with bins and containers of donated toys and a group of about fifteen students. They inspected and cleaned the toys until they were in the best possible condition. With gloves and bio-friendly cleaning spray, the students thoroughly sanitized the toys scrubbing them down so they looked brand-new and ready to be donated to a needy child. The students worked joyfully, knowing that each toy would make a child happy.
       Once the toys were cleaned and reinspected by other students, they were organized and placed into bins labeled according to several categories. Toys containing multiple pieces such as Legos or building blocks, were separated and pieced together. They were organized and placed into bags so a child would be able to receive a complete toy set.  The toys were also tested to determine if they functioned properly.
       Another station of students inspected and organized winter clothing including coats, hats, mittens and gloves. Each item of apparel was checked for holes, tears, missing buttons, or any other flaws. All the items were carefully sorted into specific age groups of girls and boys ranging from the age of one month all the way up to adult.  Girls and boys winter hats and gloves were organized by size and grouped into other bins.
       Students working at another station organized boys and girls clothes. Bags and bags of clothing of all different styles and sizes were brought to the station. The clothes had been donated already washed and clean and then were inspected by the student volunteers. Checking for stains and making sure the clothes were comfortable, the students organized the clothes in boxes with labels indicating the sizes and styles of  clothing. The clothes were then carefully and neatly folded.
Other stations of donated goods included birthday gifts, arts and crafts, and school supplies.  Each of these stations contained brand-new items. Being new,  it was ensured that all the items were working 100% and that they were properly packaged for the children.
       One station that the students particularly enjoyed was a pumpkin cleaning station. The students cleaned pumpkins so that neighborhood elementary school children could come and pick six new books and a pumpkin for the GiftsToGive – The Great Pumpkin For Early Literacy Event a week from Saturday. The students inspected the pumpkins for any blemishes and they cleaned them off completely. The students prepared the pumpkins so that a child could go home happy because they had all new books and a pumpkin!
       About six students filled gift package orders from social workers for kids who needed items such as: toothbrushes, clothes, books, toys, and almost anything that children might need. The orders included stuffed animals and games too. Their first name and a number for the recipient is written down on the form. Once the orders were written, students shopped around the mill and put all of the requested items in bags. The items are carefully organized and they are the items that have gone through several inspections to ensure maximum quality. The order forms are taped to the bags and are made ready for pick up.
       One-hundred forty-eight Bishops Stang students worked for about two and a half hours cleaning and preparing toys and clothing for children who needed them. After working productively in several work stations the results of all this work was that we were able to help over 100 additional children get what they needed, things that most of us take for granted! Every student in the freshman class of Bishop Stang knew that every minute they spent at GiftsToGive would put a smile on a child’s face. The GiftsToGive organization is a perfect charity for schools to go to and donate their time to help children in-need. The Bishop Stang class has definitely proven that any class can make a difference in the life of many children in only a few hours. Certainly, school’s should have students volunteer to help this organization because it is one that is easy to support. Will Landry (Class of 2017)

Jim Stevens, CEO said that “Bishop Stang High School and Mrs. Ruginis have a special place in our hearts – they were the first school to support our mission when we opened four years again and today we were reminded of what Dr. King said – that all you needed to serve was a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love – if ever one was to see that in action, we saw it today!”

A special shout-out to Mrs. Ruginis who is out, but on the mend – our thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery!

Other Bishop Stang students took these photos and wrote about their day too.


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