Student Interns Wrap Up Their Summer



Summer Intern Wrap-up Party Luncheon: Ice cream cake and water balloons in the conference room!

Our summer intern story is a story of: service learning,  small, medium and large challenges, heartbreak, immaturity, revelation, love, hope, mentoring, education, relationship, service, giving, daily Khan Academy math, frustration, maturity, modeling, customer-service, schedules, disappointment, hard projects, easy projects, hard work, being lazy, meeting hundreds of new people from all over, honor, consequences, integrity, reading, inspiration, fun, open heart surgery, wisdom teeth extraction, poison ivy, sunburn, “what-if”, public relations, marketing, communication, non-communication, truth, independence, explicit instruction, fetching, leadership, cleaning the lavatories, patience, respect, fractions, healthy choices, smart choices, not so smart choices, being invisible, gardening, grumpy adults, being seen and not heard, breaking things, loosing things, organizing things, asking for things, finding things, more pizza than you could ever imagine and pretty much all the other stuff that happens, every day, at the mill!

To be photographed, blatantly ignoring our “no water balloons in the conference room” rule, we find very curious and self-incriminating.



On the plus side – we think these amazing young people are a bright and shining light. They are the  great hope of their generation.

These young philanthropists and budding social entrepreneurs opted-in, for a summer of hard work and lessons learned – we are so very proud of them.

When people talk to us about the problem with kids today – we patiently wait, then smile and then tell them a story about Nathan and Freddy and Jordan and Maida and Christian and Molly and Devon and Tyler and Camron!

















LINK to all the volunteer photos


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