Edison Mission Marketing and Trading donate school supplies.

Summer Student Interns unloading EMMT’s donation at the mill

Summer Student Interns
unloading EMMT’s donation at the mill

With over 30,000 SouthCoast children living in poverty,  going back to school is very difficult for lots of kids – especially when it comes to clothes and school supplies.

When people ask us how we are able to help so many local students with school supplies, we tell them about our friend Barbara and her colleagues at Edison Mission Marketing and Trading (EMMT) in Boston.

For the fourth straight year, Edison Mission Marketing and Trading employees are helping students start the new school year off on the right foot by donating school supplies. Back packs, lunch boxes and various other supplies were collected in bins that were placed in the office in early August.

Chris, Barbara and Abram<BR>at EMMT's office in Boston

Chris, Barbara and Abram
at EMMT’s office in Boston

GiftsToGive Volunteer, Barbara Mersal, IT infrastructure specialist at EMMT, collects clothes, bicycles, soaps, shampoo and books all year long. “GiftsToGive is a fabulous organization, they interact with thousands of kids, everyone is respected and they truly care for children,” said Barbara. “I met a boy there who was being recruited by a local gang, and he chose to become a volunteer to prevent this from happening” she added.

GiftsToGive CEO, Jim Stevens said ” When we met Barbara, four years ago, she told us that she would go back to her company and ask them to help us with school supplies – she introduced us to Julie Carreiro in H/R and together they continue to help organize and get the word out to all their associates. Each year they collect and donate more and more. We think Edison Mission Marketing and Trading is a most perfect example of Corporate Citizenship and Tangible Philanthropy.”

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