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Worcester Academy

Students from Worcester Academy made a field trip to visit with us last week. Photos from their visit are here. We ordinarily would talk about the experience, but teacher David Baillie was kind enough to send us the following:

“Community. We’re about community.”

“This was the response of a student to a seemingly simple question: “What is Worcester Academy all about?” The question, posed by GiftsToGive founder Jim Stevens, hung over the fifty Worcester Academy students for several heartbeats before it was answered.

We had traveled that Saturday morning from Worcester to Acushnet to fulfill a community service obligation, a school-mandated requirement that is part of every student’s experience. The fifty boys, all upper classmen, were dorm mates; they boarded the bus that morning without complaint, napped or talked or joked around for the hour it took to get to Acushnet, and then assembled in the bare-bones repurposed warehouse that served as the factory’s base of operations.

Volunteer Jillian Zucco crowned Miss Massachusetts

Standard Times Story HERE

GiftsToGive Volunteer Jillian Zucco is crowned Miss Massachusetts!

Jillian is truly a bright and shining light and for us a most perfect example of giving and service.










Wareham Middle School, Student Philanthropists

Wareham Middle School, Student Philanthropists

By: Evelyn Chase, Grade 7

“Philanthropy is about promoting the welfare of others. That is exactly what the organization GiftsToGive is all about. I have been to GiftsToGive five times now and during every single group orientation tour they tell us “50,000”. Then one of us always asks the obvious question; 50,000 what?

It may be silly that I remember that number but I also remember what comes after it as well. 50,000 is the number of children living locally in poverty. This statement always gets to me. What this means is that one of your friends, that person you thought was odd on the bus, or even a complete stranger, could or is living in poverty. So hold on and let me explain a little bit more. The definition of poverty is the state of being extremely poor. And although I may be going a little bit off topic with this one, it is extremely important. Just because you may think you know everyone’s situation you really don’t and that is what GiftsToGive in my opinion promotes.

City On A Hill High School Students, Making A Difference

Twenty-five students and staff from City On A Hill High School spent their morning with us. We worked on gift packages, books and toys. Rather than us telling the story, we asked student Sarah Bethoney for an essay on their group experience.

Here is what Sarah had to say: “Coming to GiftsToGive was a great experience. Learning the process of how we can help the people in our community and seeing all the work that goes into it is a phenomenal thing to see. My peers and I came to GiftsToGive to volunteer by helping organize books, clothes and toys to go out to children.