Whaling City Golf Course focuses a bright and shining light on Corporate Citizenship!

We had a visit from Sue Carlson, one of the new team members at the Whaling City Golf Club. Sue had this to say –It was my pleasure to visit yesterday and learn a bit more about GiftsToGive.  It is an amazing organization; it gives us hope for the future! We will be back to volunteer.

The donation of $455.00 and a carload of donations of new clothes, toiletries and books for children came from the suggestion of one of our employees, Sandy Tillett. Our golf pro; Greg Dennehy set up a raffle to raise the cash.

It is our first year running Whaling City Golf Course.  We have been excited and encouraged by the kindness and support of many as we try to improve conditions at The Whale; and make it an even bigger asset for the City of New Bedford.  It is meeting people like you and seeing what people can do when they do it together that makes it all so exciting.

So thank you and your organization for reminding us of the true spirit of Community.


Sue Carlson
General Manager
Whaling City Golf Course.

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