Tabor Academy’s Baxter House – ROCKS!

Baxter House Students

Baxter House Students

The winners of Tabor Academy’s first quarter “Green Wars” competition, were the 25 young women in Baxter House! They collectively chose to give back.

Under the careful eye of the dorm’s “dean of green,” junior Sara Kosicki, the Baxter House residents were declared the campus’s best and most conscientious recyclers.  As a result, money accumulated at the redemption center was given to the Baxter girls as a prize for their dorm’s thoughtful approach to caring for the planet. Rather than use the money for a weekend pizza party, the girls chose to use the money to buy socks and underwear. Why?  Because they answered our call for help!  Our supply of new socks and underwear, essentials many take for granted, is dangerously low. Hearing this, these amazing students acted!

Senior Lydia Caputi said, “Our hard work proves two things.  One, recycling is important, especially if we are being considerate of the future. Two, giving back is what it’s all about. GiftsToGive is an incredible place where so many of us at Tabor have volunteered.  When they need our help, we should respond.”

Jim Stevens, GiftsToGive’s CEO said, “These young women understand giving and service in the most fundamental of ways – what they’ve done is tangible and for me – I think of them collectively as a true and bright and shining light – they are the great hope of their generation!”

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