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One of our favorite student groups are the students from SMEC. These amazing young people volunteer weekly and have made and continue to make a real and tangible difference. They recently did a wonderful and helpful action. Rather than we tell the story, we would like you to hear it from Debra, Diane and Jen, their teachers:

The students at the Southeastern Massachusetts Educational Collaborative have volunteered at GiftsToGive for several years.  They arrive with their teachers/staff, check in and have various responsibilities to attend to.  Our students enjoy volunteering at GiftsToGive where they have an opportunity to serve their communities, obtain valuable employment and life skills.  Our students continue to improve their overall skills and just as important; their self –esteem.

Some of the volunteer stations that our students have participated over the years are included but not limited to:  sorting, inspecting, cleaning, organizing, counting, preparing grab bags, selected clothing/housewares for store, re-purposing donated clothing items, folding, shelving toys, washing dishes, drying dishes and anything that GiftsToGive may need done on the day they arrive.  Our students are always cheerful and excited to see what tasks they will be given that day.

SMEC has held and has contributed to a clothing drive for GiftsToGive for the past two years and has been very successful.  SMEC’s teachers/staff and families are very supporting of our clothing drive and our students were more than proud to deliver the boxes of clothing themselves. Thank you GiftsToGive, for supporting our students and their goals for their future.


Debra Frias, Diane Antone, Jen Levasseur, SMEC Teachers



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