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ORRJH Student Art Cards

ORRJH Student Art Cards

Over a two day period, students at Old Rochester Regional Junior High School in Mattapoisett, produced the first of our one-of-a-kind GiftsToGive Inspirational Cards.

Here is a note we received from a participating student:Small actions add up. Making a bookmark is not a strenuous task, nor is separating female  clothes from male clothes. It requires no great effort to slap a piece of masking tape on a pair of jeans and label them with their size. However, eventually when one adds enough small actions up, those actions make something beautiful.   

On May 30 and 31 the Old Rochester Regional Jr. High School Green Team worked with GiftsToGive, both at the warehouse and at ORRJHS. At the school students made cards and bookmarks. The bookmarks will be put inside donated books, and the cards will be sold as part of a fundraiser. At the warehouse students made equally important contributions. They cleaned toys and sorted clothes.   

ORRJH Student Art Cards

ORRJH Student Art Cards

Sometimes people get overly caught up in the idea of community service. Of course, community service does provide a sense of purpose for the individuals performing it. For the school and the greater community, community service provides a sense of unity. However, the most important aspect of volunteering at GiftsToGive was not the personal satisfaction students felt at giving back, nor was it the school coming together to work towards a common goal. These things are important and in-arguably sound nice to say, but the truth is the days spent assisting GiftsToGive were not about the volunteers but about the children living in poverty on the SouthCoast.   

Volunteering was about helping, in some small way, the three year old who wanted a toy that lit up and assisting the fifteen year old who needed a tube of toothpaste. Looking at the big picture is lovely, but the big picture is really a collection of little pictures, and what was truly gratifying for the students volunteering at GiftsToGive was their knowing that they were helping an organization that was assisting countless children in-need. It was a privilege to be given the opportunity to help individuals in small ways, through the small actions of many.Written by Johanna Appleton, Grade 8 Student, Old Rochester Regional Junior High School.

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