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We just spent two days with students from the Rocky Hill School in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

It’s become an annual two day field trip and what’s the best for us is that we get to see students grow – not only in size and maturity but in their coming of age and increased connectiveness to giving and service. Photos from their service days are here.

Rather than explain more – we’d like to share what student Hunter Corbett had to say – ” Our annual Rocky Hill sophomore trip to GiftsToGive is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year. The upperclassmen fondly remember their excursion, and this year’s trip did not fail to live up to our high expectations. I think everyone in my class left with a desire to do more to help people. I know I am definitely going back to GiftsToGive to volunteer again in my free time.

GiftsToGive is a charitable organization founded with the goal of not only eradicating child poverty, but also to educate privileged children and young adults about the many ways in which they can help those less fortunate then themselves.

We were at GiftsToGive for two days. I had gone in with the impression it would be hard work, and it was, but what I didn’t expect was how genuinely I would enjoy the experience. We began the first day with an orientation about the organization and how it helped impoverished children. They are so passionate about helping these kids and it was infectious. We then split up into groups and got right to work.

In the two days I was there, I inspected and sorted clothes, put together puzzles, sorted books, and cleaned and tested toys. We actually got to play with toys as part of community service, which was great. Although some people were not sure if they would like it, by the end of the day everyone was excited to go back the next day, even if it meant an hour-long bus ride. It was fun to help others, and it was even more fun to help others with my friends.


Hunter Corbett

It was so fulfilling to know that at the end of two days, a class of forty students could help upwards of two hundred homeless youth receive essential supplies, like clothes, books, and toys. Even if that is only a small percentage of the 40,000 children living in poverty in south eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, it may be the only new toys or clothes the children who receive the gift packages from GiftsToGive get that year. Therefore, I would encourage everyone to volunteer, not just to help the thousands of children living in extreme poverty, but also because it is an extremely rewarding experience; you feel like you have done something meaningful.”


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