We’re moving and we need your financial help now!

Our lease is up!  When our building was sold two years ago, our rent was tripled! Now it gets even better – we learn from the newspaper, that the mill is being demolished! The challenging news is that we need to raise the cash to retrofit the new space and then of course – to move all our stuff as soon as the public schools let out!

Please donate what you can – any amount matters!

The good news is that our new location will enable us to triple our impact for the same costs. We’ve secured a long term lease, five miles up the road (The original Titleist golf ball factory).

This new space will allow us to triple our impact and substantially reduce our costs. The new space will allow us be available for thousands more children and to expand our Saturday Tag Sale, into a full-blown Thrift Store. Currently our Saturday Tag Sale funds 20% of our operating expenses, the new Thrift Store will generate our entire operating costs! We need to raise $160,000 to move and to build out the new space – this is a one time cost and will put us on the road to being self-sustainable!

Our Ask:

We’ve built this charity to pay for itself.

We made the initial investment.

Now we need you – to help financially.

Without local support we cannot stay in business

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