Culinary Arts Students – helping to build a more caring community!

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Students – Morgan and Kelynn

While our goal of building a more caring community is beautiful, it’s not easy.

Being connected is the foundation for our work and last Thursday we held a community conversation about children and social media, after work, at the philanthropy factory.

Students in the Culinary Arts Program at Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School supplied tasty sandwiches in four varieties and a wonderful salad and dressing – to feed 110 people, at a price that would make a caterer spin circles!

Their teacher, Henry Bousquet, defines for us a most perfect example of connectiveness, giving and service. We met two of the students, Morgan and Kelynn, who helped us load our treasure and we were struck with their professionalism, poise and maturity. When people talk to us about the problem with kids today, we’ll counter with a story about meeting Morgan and Kelynn.



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