GAB About Giving!

Every once in-a-while, we’re flabbergasted and we don’t flabbergast easily!

GEORGIA-AND-ABBYNicole Long, one of our earliest adopters wrote last week – “SO PROUD of my niece Abby and her cousin Georgia: over Christmas vacation they brainstormed a charitable organization called “GAB” and collected over $100 in one weekend to help people less fortunate. This morning, Abby gave me the money… (Which is being matched by their Grandmother Blair!) to deliver to GiftsToGive and I can’t think of a more beautiful start to a new year. Love these girls and their giant hearts.”

Georgia and Abby

Georgia and Abby

Today we received a ziploc bag full of cash! The hand-written note inside readGAB ABOUT GIVING. Our names are Georgia and Abby. We’ve worked together to raise money for charity. We came up with this idea one night telling scary stories and could not fall asleep. So to get are minds off it we told things we were thankful for. Then we realized that some people don’t have what we do. So then the next day we told everyone are thoughts and they donated money. Then we realized that we liked doing something good so we kept a donation box out for more donations. We will open a bank account for our money raised. We call our work GAB About Giving. G=Georgia and AB=Abby. THANKS Abby and Georgia.

Jim Stevens, GiftsToGives’s CEO said – ” I talk a lot  about kids today – I see them in two categories; kids that are privileged and kids that live in poverty. I’m fond of saying that they all have one thing in common – they’re CLUELESS! The privileged kids have no idea how lucky they are and the kids living in poverty have no idea about the choices they have. Abby and Georgia have forced me to re-think what I’m talking about!  While I’m sure it takes a village,  I’m also sure that kids learn early from their parents and grandparents. When I talk to people about kids – going forward,  I’ll talk about two very bright and shining lights – Abby and Georgia!

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