Circle K @ BSU Makes A Difference!

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GiftsToGive_February21-2015_ 098Circle K students at Bridgewater State University, gave up part of their Saturday to make a difference.

We think they’re a most perfect example of giving and service and we’re looking forward to engaging even more.

Their president, Ashley Martins had this to say “Circle K International (CKI) is the world’s largest collegiate organization dedicated to service and leadership development.

It is a service organization through which college students can become an active member in their communities and become more involved throughout their campus. 

Circle K is sponsored by the parenting Kiwanis foundation. The CKI motto is “Live to Serve, Love to Serve” With Circle K college students are able to become better leaders and commit themselves to serving others in their communities. The are 500 clubs in over 15 different countries, and Bridgewater State University is one of them.

At BSU, we really focus on giving our time and helping others. We volunteer in a variety of events with multiple varieties of interest. In the past we have volunteered with kids, animals, elderly, environment, and many other non profits that are in our communities. We also hold fundraising for places such as Camp Sunshine, UNICEF: Eliminate, Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institue, and many others. We work with many other schools in bringing our helpful and leadership qualities together in order to promote making a difference.”


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