Bristol County Savings Bank Focuses A Bright And Shining Light On Corporate Citizenship And Community


Thirty professionals, spend their “Day off’ as a “Day on”

Thirty volunteers from Bristol County Savings Bank (BCSB) signed on, on their day off, to help us manage 250 students who were spending the MLK holiday with us, after the students spent their morning at our Teach-in at the Normandin Middle School (Teach -in story here).

A Vice President and a fourth grader working in the Toy Department

A fourth grader in the Toy Department explaining the process to a Vice President

A localized snow and ice storm forced us to cancel the student’s “march” to our factory. When we advised BCSB volunteers that the students they signed on to help us manage, were not coming, they, to a person, still wanted to come and work.

Work they did and at the end of their day of volunteering, they had collectively helped us to process enough donations to help an additional 300 local children in-need.

You do not need to be a banker to understand what an amazing value equation 120 hours of combined, professional, motivated, labor represents! With over 40,000 local children living in poverty, the need is overwhelming. For every three hours an individual volunteer spends with us, we are able to put a gift package in the hands of a local child that really needs it.

(L-R) Nelson Braga, Paul Lenahan, yourself, David Medeiros, Joan Medeiros and Roger Cabral.

(L-R) Nelson Braga, Paul Lenahan, Jim Stevens, David Medeiros, Joan Medeiros and Roger Cabral.

Our day was made even better, when Nelson, Paul, David, Joan and Roger, representing the Bristol County Savings Charitable Foundation, gifted us their fifth consecutive gift of $10,000 to help support our service learning initiatives.

When people talk to us about corporate citizenship, we tell them about our experience with Bristol County Savings Bank.

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