What do Charlie, Jasper, Mike and Clay have in common?

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Bed bugs!

Yes, you read that correctly! It’s not the prettiest or nicest topic to discuss. It is actually a nightmare. But when you process and handle tons of clothing and other items, it is a very serious issue. What to do? Knowing who your donors are is helpful, but then one never can be 100% sure. We’re proud and pleased to announce that we remain and are indeed, bed bug free. A bold statement to be sure, but a truthful statement. Let us tell you why.

Michael and Clay Tache. That’s it; four words. They own and operate American K9 Private Investigators.

Michael and his son Clay adopted us and they visit regularly with either Badger, Tracer, Charlie or Jasper. Four extraordinary canines who are finely tuned and precision instruments, that come complete with floppy ears, wet noses and a very unique skill set.

To watch these amazing animals work is inspiring. Students and adult volunteers are given vials with a live sample and asked to hide them somewhere in the factory, while the dogs are out of the building. Then the science kicks-in, mixed with total amazement as the students watch the dogs find each and every vial.

We talk a lot about building a more caring community. Simple idea, and on the face of it, talk is talk. To walk the walk is another story. American K9 for us, is a bright and shining light and exemplifies what is the best about us as a community. We are grateful to Mike and Clay and Badger, Tracer, Charlie and Jasper.

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