Everything One Needs to Know is Taught in Kindergarten

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It has been a long, difficult year for so many of us.  On the SouthCoast over 80,000 children live in poverty. One in ten of these children is homeless. Without our amazing volunteers, we would not have been able to help as many local children. Today we received a most amazing gift from our favorite school, the Acushnet Elementary School. Better still, it was from their Kindergarten class.

When we look for inspiration, it is sometime elusive, but not today. Today we saw a bright and shining light that reflected what is best among us. Rather than we tell the rest of the story, we thought it best to listen to our favorite teacher!

Once again the Acushnet Public Schools Kindergarten students hosted the annual pajama drive and read-a-thon. Students brought in new pajamas for all ages to donate to local children in-need. Our theme this month was generosity and the students demonstrated that by collecting approximately 70 pairs of pajamas. Students celebrated their awesome efforts with a read-a-thon which included guest readers from our community’s police department, fire department and library. Students wore their own cozy pajamas to school and had a special guest visitor, Olaf. Pajamas were donated to GiftsToGive for distribution. Jo-Ann Silva, Acushnet Elementary School Kindergarten 



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