UPDATE: You say tomato, we say tomahto!

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gtg_garden_august2016What a harvest! One thousand, one hundred and fifty pounds (1,150) of organic, heirloom tomatoes!

President of the Horticultural Division, and Senior Beekeeper, Volunteer Bill O’Keefe, reports that we gifted 750 pounds of tomatoes, in 22 varieties, to the PACE Food Pantry, downtown New Bedford. Even better news, it appears our honey bee colony is thriving!

Volunteers were then gifted over two hundred (200) pounds and approximately two hundred (200) pounds went mysteriously missing. Video evidence has revealed the culprits and we’re in the middle of a huge internal disagreement about what action we should engage in: confront the purloiners or let it go and use guilt-motivated signing in the garden next year!

giftstogive_september28-2016_taNonetheless, if you’ll read the original post, you’ll discover that with a connected, more caring community, anything is possible.

Not to say that an amazing, organic community garden will change the world, but the fact remains for us, that we have a tangible, solid start and maybe, just maybe, it will!

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Original post (below) from May27, 2016


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Our tomato plants are in the ground!

New Bedford Attorney and Tomato Aficionado Bob Feingold donated 22 varieties of Heirloom Tomatoes from all over the world. Volunteer Gardener and Resident Bee Keeper Bill O’Keefe with the help of City On A Hill Students, installed our tomato garden today.

Bill is keeping it organic, old-school and our student gardeners planted the tomatoes with a secret Native American fertilizer.


Cindy Haskell from Advanced Marine Technologies dropped off a season’s supply of their “Organic Gem”, liquid fish fertilizer. We’re excited about our harvesting potential. Students will take half the harvest home and donate the other half to the PACE Food Pantry, downtown.

Photos from our day are here.

Now all we have to worry about is the weather, bees, destructive bugs, animal predators and other nefarious local tomato thieves!

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