The Power of One (or two, in the case of twins!)

Ella and Liam

Ella and Liam

Ella is 7 years old and has a twin brother Liam.

“I decided one day that I did not do enough for this country, especially children and wanted to help kids without clothes and do a clothing drive.” Believe or not.. her exact words!

At first her mother did not think she was serious as she said this while they were driving home from a shopping trip. When they came home she again talked about the clothing drive and had a thought .. what if they could post this on Facebook .. I bet if other people know about the clothing drive they would want to help said Ella. That evening they posted the request on Facebook and to their surprise received donations the following day.

Ella was so motivated she talked with her classroom teacher and they decided that they would speak to the principle at her Elementary school and request permission for Ella to pass out flyers in her classroom and to ask her classroom for help. She created flyers over the weekend and was prepared when she went into the principal’s office and received permission to pass out her flyers. With help from friends, family and classmates, Ella collected over 25 bags of clothing for the clothing drive.

Ella’s mother told us that “this was an indescribable experience for my family and we are looking forward to planning a day to volunteer and also looking to help in other ways”.

We are pretty sure we have not seen the last of Ella and her brother Liam (who told us he was only 15 minutes younger than his sister) and we imagine they are searching for the next “big idea” to help.

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