Meeting Liam, four year-old philanthropist!

giftstogive_december-13-2014_ 048Philanthropy is a big word. It’s a big concept. For a child, it’s one of those ideas/concepts and values that takes perspective, experience and practice. Telling the truth, doing the right thing, not going with strangers, eating the right foods, washing your hands, respecting other people … but … giving away some of your toys, some of your treasure is a huge big deal! Very seldom do we meet a four year-old that had no problem with this, Liam brought us boxes full!

In this crazy mixed up world we live in, to see a four year-old wanting to share his treasure – inspires us to do more and be better at doing it!

Jessica and Jason, Liam’s parents told us“As we approach the Christmas season, we thought it would be a good idea to try to explain to our four year-old, Liam, that the Christmas season is about giving to children and families who are in need. Like many four year-olds, he has accumulated piles of toys, most, we are sad to say, have not been touched in 1-2 years. We encouraged him to pick out some toys so that other kids his age could have them and enjoy them like he once did. This process went fairly easily, he didn’t whine or cry about giving anything away, but he seemed to understand the meaning behind it and chose many items to donate including action figures, games and toy cars. He did all of this without hesitation and we praised him for it.

giftstogive_december-13-2014_ 045We believe after the tour of the GiftsToGive factory, Liam really understood what the concept of “giving” really entailed. He pointed out all the toys and he seemed to understand where it would all end up, with a child who is less fortunate. At the beginning of the tour, Liam was fairly quiet, we think he was just taking it all in. By the end of the tour, he was asking more questions and even took a picture with all the boxes of toys that he donated. It was a great learning experience and we would highly recommend to all parents to encourage the simple act of giving with their children.

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