Eleven-year-old, Student Intern, Dylan, is a poster child for Philanthropy and Networking!

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Dylan delivers a ton of hats and mittens!

The back story for context is: Our youngest student intern, is Dylan Smith. Dylan is eleven-years-old, is currently being home schooled with Grandmother Patty and when there is no pandemic, he attends fifth grade in Freetown.

Dylan’s regular volunteer job is managing our sports balls inventory, with the help of his Grandfather (Highway). Dylan spends most Saturdays with us, in our Learning Center, being tutored on code writing and 3D modeling. After tutoring he volunteers to inspect, clean and inflate sports balls. It’s s serious job because of all the “leakers” and Dylan is committed to make sure that every ball we give out in our gift packages has undergone stringent bounce testing.

Wareham Chiropractic and Wellness

NOW THE REST OF THE STORY: Dylan visits one day with his great grandmother Lillian. Lillian is visiting the factory to see her friend Vivian who is also a great grandmother and just happens to be our volunteer manager in the clothing department. During this meeting Vivian tells Lillian and Dylan that we are low on toddler hats and mittens.

That night Dylan talks with his mother (Megan) and grandmother (Patty) and asks for their help to secure hats and mittens for toddlers. The next day Dylan’s mother and her co-workers at Wareham Chiropractic and Wellness launch a collection drive for hats and mittens. Yesterday Dylan and his grandmother and grandfather delivered a ton of beautiful new hats and mittens for toddlers.

When we think about local businesses with a heart and soul, we think about Wareham Chiropractic and Wellness. When we think about family, we think about this family and their four generations of love, caring and giving. We also think about how lucky Dylan is to be growing up in a family that is helping him understand the power of giving and service to others. We also think Dylan is one terrific networker!