Berkley Brownies, help to define tangible philanthropy!

giftstogive_january2-2015_ 057aQ: What do you get when you mix nine Berkley Brownies with 500 pounds of gently-used, children’s clothes donations?
A: Enough warm winter clothes, inspected, sorted and organized to help 24 local children receive a great gift package!

Photos from their afternoon are here.

Here is an email we received from their leadership team – ” Thank you so much for allowing our Brownie Girl Scout Troop to come and volunteer at GiftsToGive and showing them that they can be an important part of helping others no matter how old they are. We had such a wonderful experience. The girls, at eight and nine years of age, were saying things like “this was awesome”, “it was a good experience”, and that “it felt good to help”.

“We have been learning about philanthropy and what it means to give back. This experience helped to reinforce that we can make a difference in the life of someone else. We appreciate the time you took with us to explain what happens at GiftsToGive, the children that GiftsToGive helps, and the tour of the facility. This will certainly be an experience that the girls, and we adults, will not forget. Thank you again! Sincerely, Berkley Troop 75329

Jim Stevens, GiftsToGive’s CEO had this to say – ” For us to be able to facilitate nine, nine and ten year-olds to experience tangible philanthropy and the power of giving and service is just about the best thing we do. Troop 75329 is a bright and shining light and a most perfect example of what strong and dedicated leadership can do with children in their formative years and at the very beginning of unbridled altruism. We can’t thank their leadership enough for doing the work that it takes!”

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