GiftsToGive_June2-2016_AdM_webLearn, Lead, Serve, Succeed is the mantra for the Alma del Mar Public Charter School.

We are huge fans of the work they do and especially of how much they have been able to accomplish since starting four years ago. We have always supported their community service efforts and we recently had a visit from their entire 5th grade class.

Photos from our day are here.

Rather than we tell the story, we asked 5th grader Rosa to interview some of her peers and send us a story.

Here is what Rosa had to say – “At first I didn’t expect so many things, but now there’s a lot of things that can help people. “Destiny said that GiftsToGive is a place where kids can volunteer to help other kids that are in need.” What I expected at first was adults doing most of the work, but then I saw that kids can also contribute a lot.”

Teachers also think this can make a difference. Alma scholars are so excited to help others and make a difference in their lives.

“This is fun for the scholars too. Carmen said “It’s good and fun to do.” Here people have good opinions on GiftsToGive.

Dennis said “Gifts To Give is like the circle on the logo, it goes in a circle and comes back to you. “People also feel good when they’re helping here, Anna and Cecile said “I feel like I’m getting something accomplished and like we’re helping people. Also Elena’s opinion on toys that aren’t  in good condition is “Toys that aren’t in good quality makes me sad, because I wouldn’t want a toy that doesn’t look good.” Ayah says “The Barbie’s were the best because they were small and had lots of clothes.”

GiftsToGive helps kids to help other kids.”




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