HELP WANTED: Adult Volunteers Needed!


Adult Volunteers Needed

Adult Volunteers Needed

We need adult volunteer help in the mornings, while our student volunteers are otherwise occupied, to help us process donations and fill orders.

With over 30,000 SouthCoast children living in poverty, the need is overwhelming! Winter is our busiest time of the year and we are awash with orders for warm clothes, coats and school supplies.

If you have a few morning hours to give – it would be very helpful, especially if you bring a friend. It would also be helpful if you would forward this post to friends and family you think might be interested!

Gifts To Give Volunteers

Volunteers Make it Work!

We need specific help at the mill and in the community:

  • AT THE MILL: Our Triage Department – (Not exactly the perfect use of the word – for us triage means our first inspection of donations – sorting through thousands of donated items each week with an “eye” for – do we keep it or not?). If you must always find a place for everything, or if you think of yourself as a “picker” or “treasure hunter” – then you’re for us!
  • AT THE MILL: Our Order Department – filling orders for gift packages – where volunteers take individual orders and “shop” the mill, finding the best things for each child.

There is NO need to make an appointment to volunteer at the mill, we’re a “drop-in” center for making a difference. We’re open Monday – Saturday and the best volunteer times for us are anytime between 9am and 2pm.

  • IN THE COMMUNITY: Facilitate collection drives – details here
  • IN THE COMMUNITY: Middle School, in-school, Mentoring Programs – details here
  • IN THE COMMUNITY: Kindergarten, in-school, reading programs – details here

For questions – please call us at the mill 508-717-8715 or use our contact form below.