What’s right with University Students? BSU students talk for themselves!

GiftsToGive_April25-2015_ 104We met a most remarkable young woman on Saturday, Jessie Barbosa. Photos from our day are here.

Jessie is a student at Bridgewater State University. She organized a day of service with several groups on campus. We asked Jessie to write about their experience, she had this to say – “On Saturday a group of Bridgewater State University students from multiple backgrounds, majors, and ages volunteered their time and services to GiftsToGive in Acushnet. This community service was made possible by a collaboration between The Center of Multicultural Affairs, Men Integrated in Brotherhood and the Community Service Office, which all form part of Bridgewater State University’s clubs and organizations. The students arrived around 9:00am, registered and then received a short orientation, which allowed them to understand the organization’s mission and familiarize themselves with the building.

Learning about the mission of GiftsToGive and how they help youth learn how to give back to the community was touching. However it was more touching and eye opening when we actually got to work to do it ourselves. We were responsible for separating a mountain of clothes, into re-purposing bins to be donated to other organizations and saving other clothes that could be useful to local low income and poor families. The clothes were just one of many donations that the organization receives. Many times going through the pile of clothing I came across clothes with expensive tags on them and unworn. As we worked and listened to music we, as groups, got know each other better, we talked, laughed, and even danced at one point. There was a lot of laughter, students were giving back to their community while having fun and sharing stories.

GiftsToGive_April25-2015_ 031At the end of our Community service students were asked to share a few words about their experience, and here is what some had to say: 

“Time flew by as I was mingling with others, making the overall experience engaging and fun. I also felt good that I was helping a child feel better. The fact that they may feel that someone is thinking of them, made me feel like I was helping my community.”

“Brings joy because I know I am doing something good to my community. Seeing all the bins empty because we did a great job and made a lot of progress. Seeing Jim’s happy face because he saw so many of us helping out.”

“Realizing that some people have less things than I do, but when I volunteered I realized they are similar to me and many other people out there in the community, all they are lacking is a little of support and caring from others.” 

GiftsToGive_April25-2015_ 057“I enjoyed the tour of the whole place ad learning about the history and background. Most places don’t provide that.”

“I myself form part of the low income community and I have lived the struggle before with my mother and siblings. Now being on the other side of the fence made me feel good because I know the feeling one gets when they get new clothes, shoes or toys. And I know how much it meant to me once to know that there were people out there in the world who simply care without expecting anything in return.”

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