To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!

To-Plant-a-Garden-is-to-Believe-in-Tomorrow-Audrey-HepburnSo …. here we are, in our new home in Acushnet. We’re scrambling to finish the retrofit of the new factory before the winter sets in and we’re bummed that we were not able to grow our tomatoes this summer, or even a fall crop of onions and beans would have been nice!

We’ve historically planted dozens of tomato plants and grown hundreds of heirloom tomatoes that we split – half to the PACE Food Pantry and the other half to the student volunteers who tend the garden!

Our friend, local attorney and tomato aficionado, Bob Feingold grows the plants and donates them to us every spring. Hence our seriously being bummed out!

Then a few fantastic things happened to us – all in row.

Trustee's Students

Trustee’s Students

First thing to happen was – Erik Andrade introduced us to the Trustees of the Reservation in Westport, and a team of his summer students signed on to build and bring up to speed, 400sq/ft of raised planting beds.They’ve committed to spend four Wednesdays with us.

E.L. Morse Lumber Yard

E.L. Morse Lumber Yard

Then – Jim Bruce, the owner of EL Morse Lumber Yard, donated and delivered all the lumber we needed, pre-cut along with the hardware. EL Morse has been a wonderful help to us since we started in 2009. They are a drop-off location in Wareham for donations and when they have a truck load, they deliver them to us. We’ve been able to help hundreds of local families with all this extra inventory!

Great  Scapes

Great Scapes Nursery

Then – Jilly and Paul at GreatScapes Nursery in Mattapoisett fixed us up with all the rock, soil and materials we will need to fill the beds the right way! Jilly and Paul are early adopters of our work and have connected us with thousands of pumpkins over the five years of our Fall Event – The Great Pumpkin For Early Literacy for Elementary School Students! Plus of course, Paul always says yes to supplying his box truck when we do our community collection drives and saves us all kinds of truck rental money!


Week # 1

Dr.King said it best we think – “That to serve, one needed a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love.” When we look at Bob and at the Trustee’s students and Erik and Jim and Jilly and Paul – that is exactly what we see – bright and shining lights and a most perfect example of what it takes to build a more caring community.

We are truly grateful to these fine people and so very proud to be known by the company we keep!

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