We see thousands of elementary, middle, high school and college student volunteers every year. (Except of course for the Covid Year). It is hard for us to pick our favorites. There have been some salient third graders, some amazing seventh graders, some outstanding high school juniors and hundreds and hundreds of college students.

Some of these students have inspired us, some have frustrated us and most have reconnected us to our core altruism. We talk about altruism, philanthropy and citizenship all the time. We actually try to make those words tangible by providing what we like to call a Tangible Philanthropy and Big Citizenship experience for all our student volunteers.

With this context we wanted to shine a light on a most remarkable group of Greeks; Theta Delta Chi at University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. They show-up at the processing factory every Saturday; sometimes in large numbers and sometimes in small but mighty crews. They never let us down, they do the work that is needed and we have come to rely on them always; to be responsible, caring and role models for our younger student volunteers. This Fraternity is truly a bright and shining light on what is best about us as people. We are so proud of them as a group and as individuals. When people talk to us about what is wrong with this current generation, we smile and respond with our story about Theta Delta Chi.



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