Pembroke Community Middle School Sets Winter Coat Collection Record!

GiftsToGive_March6-2014_ 121

Pembroke Middle School
Student Leadership Club Students

Twenty-two, Pembroke Middle School, Student Leaders, SHATTERED our standing collection drive record for winter coats, by collecting and then delivering and sorting 714 coats and a ton of hats, gloves and scarves.

Some kids talk about making a difference, the Student Leadership Club students walked the walk and we have the photos to prove it!

Jim Stevens, CEO and Founder of GiftsToGive had this to say: “For students in Pembroke to want to help children less fortunate than themselves is admirable. When we talked, I asked them to raise their hands if they’ve heard more than a zillion times – ‘you have no idea how lucky you are’ –  every single student raised their hand. We talked about the more than 35,000 SouthCoast children who live in poverty. When we asked them what did these children do wrong – their answer was unanimous – NOTHING! When we asked the Pembroke students to ‘raise their hand if they picked their parents’ – several light bulbs went off over their heads. Maybe – going forward when they hear – you have no idea how lucky you are – our hope is that some will reply that they do know!.”

A big GiftsToGive Thank You – to Shannon Kwiatek and Nicole Tilton for facilitating the collection drive and field trip! GO PCMS!

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