New Bedford Firefighters Define Giving and Service

Andy Bois, NB Firefighter (R) and Russell Souza, GiftsToGive  (L)

Andy Bois, NB Firefighter (R)
Russell Souza, GiftsToGive (L)

When we think about service, one of the first things we think about is our Fire Department. Men and women who put themselves in harm’s way every time they report to work.

Today we met Firefighter Andy Bois. Andy grew up in New Bedford with our Russell Souza and have they have kept a friendship since their school days. Andy brought us several hundred brand new toys courtesy of the New Bedford Fire Department’s annual collection drive.

Every year at this time the Fire Department collects thousands of new toys for New Bedford kids who would not otherwise get them for Christmas. After the firefighters distribute to local agencies who count on them every year, they bring the remainder to us, because they know we’ll get them out during the year in the form of birthday presents for local kids through our network of social workers that identify specific children that would not ordinarily get a birthday gift.

Jim Stevens, GiftsToGive’s CEO said: “I’ve always had a huge amount of respect for public servants, especially police, fire and emergency medical responders. We as a community count on them every day and in every emergency. For the Fire Department to take this workload on, every year – year in and year out, speaks volumes to us about their commitment to our community and especially to the thousands of local children in-need. People talk about our firefighters as heroes and for certain they are but they’re also bright and shining lights for giving and service and especially for building a more caring community!”

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