MIB Group from Bridgewater State University sets a most perfect example!

Five brothers from Men Integrated in Brotherhood (MIB) a student group at Bridgewater State spent the day with us, helping to build racking for our new thrift shop.

They learned a lot about working together, team work, tangible philanthropy and big citizenship. They also did a wonderful job!

Gary Chow, Secretary of the organization had this to say in an email to our CEO “Today, was my very first community service of the year. Today me and a few fellow brothers from Men Integrated Brotherhood went to GiftsToGive.

When we arrived we were greeted by Jim Stevens the CEO and founder.  Jim came to explain on how his generation made it difficult for us and apologized, then he began to tell us his story. Listening to Jim’s story about the Civil Rights Movement was very exciting usually I just watch clips and films about it, but listening about it from Jim’s point of view was much more interesting than watching films. As Jim continued his story we came to find out how GiftsToGive was founded.

I was inspired to hear how this organization came to be. I really enjoyed working with kids and just listening to Jim’s mission to help. After the story we toured around the facility and then we started working. Our task for the day was to help build shelves for the thrift store that was going to be opening soon. I was excited to get working knowing that the things I’m doing now will help in someway in the long run and also I got to bond with my brothers. As me and my fellow brothers split up into two groups and started working we struggled at first, but we picked up and were able to build our first shelf. In my mind I was glad that I decided to come and volunteer I got to learn some things that I didn’t know about my fellow brothers and was also able to have fun doing it. Towards the end of our visit, as a group we took a picture with the GiftsToGive sign. It was a wonderful experience and I know I will be returning in the near future.” Gary Chow, Majors: Elementary Education & Sociology, Bridgewater State University, MIB Secretary.

Jim Stevens, our CEO, had this to say“I met six remarkable college students today who came to volunteer. They represented a group at BSU, Men Integrated in Brotherhood (MIB). Part of my orientation conversation with student groups is to talk about their responsibility to make a difference. I’m fond of saying that when I was a student, students changed the world. I go on to talk about how disappointed I am that today most students are apathetic and not involved. This group of students proved me wrong – their mission is brotherhood and community. For me they are a bright and shining light. I am so proud of these students and look forward to working with them!

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