In walk these two clowns ….

Matt and Richard, AKA Dusty and Hoopy

Matt and Richard, AKA Dusty and Hoopy

Literally, in walk two clowns; Dusty and Hoppy. They are are very special people. They have worked tirelessly helping us, both as clowns, at our events and as hard-working volunteers. As volunteers they have invested hundreds of hours helping us build infrastructure and capacity. Matt and Richard are truly extraordinary people. We cannot thank them enough!

At first we did not recognize them because they were wearing business suits! They brought us a check from the Clowning For Kidz Foundation. Had they had their clown suits on, we would have been suspicious, you know … a rubber check! But the suits and the check were real.

The Clowning for Kidz Foundation was created in 2008 to meet the needs of children under the age of 16. Clowning for Kidz Foundation provides children with opportunities to learn the art of clowning, and encourage them to use it as a basis for self-empowerment, character building, and a way to develop their public speaking and social skills. They also inform, empower and engage young people about the importance of civic engagement, and connect them with opportunities to help others through their community appearances, which allows us all to share the healing power of laughter.

We’re talking to them about holding sessions for local children, here at the GiftsToGive factory. Stay tuned!

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