Two-Year-Old Finn Defines, Hope, Courage and Love

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On Friday we were the recipients of a ton of brand new toys and new, beautiful children’s clothing. Later on that day we received an email from Sharon, Finn’s Mother.

“My name is Sharon Barbosa and I am a proud mother of a two year old boy named Finn. Finn was just diagnosed with brain cancer Anaplastic Ependymoma and he went through surgery, rehabilitation, and is currently having chemo. He’s one lucky kid with a lot of people who love him. Last year we sponsored 20 families for the FOSTER CHEER PROJECT we started because Finn at the time was in foster care (he’s adopted now). With that, because of the time line and what we are going through as a family we were not able to do the same this year and thought about GiftsToGive. With the help of our friend Sasha Watson and Amanda and all the other friends and family who love Finn, they came together and got a church room full of gifts to donate to kids in Finns name.”

“Finn just finished round two of his chemotherapy. Hopefully he will handle it just as well as he did round one. He will have a hearing test at the end of the month to make sure the surgery and chemo haven’t effected his hearing in anyway. This is based on the location of the tumor and the side effects of the chemo. We continue to work with Spaulding Rehabilitation Center for his swallowing and walking weekly. In addition to that we are working with a nutritionist to keep him strong during treatments. He will have an MRI and lumbar puncture January 5th and hopefully we can continue with his radiation treatments at MGH. Mom Sharon closed with … Thank you all so much. We appreciate you, we feel the love, and your kindness means the world to us. Please continue to keep Finn in your prayers.”
This is not our story. It is a story of a family with a huge heart and a boy, full of hope, courage and love. Dostoevsky said that our souls are healed from being with children. We think this is exactly right. We also think that children become living messages we send to a time that we will not see.
We asked Sharon to please bring Finn to visit with us when he is able, so that we can meet him and show him the tangible power of his gifts to so many other children.