Student Intern Opens College Fund Savings Account!

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Asst. V.P. Nancy Wood<BR> at Bristol County Savings Bank <br> opens CamRon's Savings Account

Nancy Wood Dupont, Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager at Bristol County Savings Bank
opens CamRon’s savings account for college!

We think every student should have a savings account for college, most importantly – all students should start a savings account. Towards this objective, we’re launching a program with our student interns and our favorite bank, The Bristol County Savings Bank and our favorite banker Ms. Wood Dupont! Ms. Wood Dupont said“The Bank is pleased to partner with GiftsToGive in their efforts to educate their interns on financial literacy and the importance of savings. We believe these early lessons will pay dividends for the rest of their lives’. 

Yesterday, Student Intern CamRon Frazier opened his College Fund Savings account with the Bristol County Savings Bank – with matching donations from GiftsToGive CEO, Jim Stevens and Domino’s Pizza CEO, Nelson Hockert-Lotz in honor of CamRon being our trailblazer! Nelson had this to say –“The mission of every service organization should be to build leadership capacity and enrich lives. GiftsToGive gets that, and our supporting educational attainment among youth volunteers is simply at the core of that mission.”

CamRon at the GiftsToGive Mill over February vacation!

CamRon at the GiftsToGive Mill over February vacation!

CamRon has been appointed to be GiftsToGive Student College Fund Ambassador and in his new capacity, educate our existing student interns on the benefits of saving for college or trade school and of course the benefits of saving in general! Over the summer, CamRon and his fellow student interns will meet with our bank and formulate a formal program for all our student volunteers – to educate and motivate them to open their own savings accounts!

Jim Stevens, GiftsToGive’s CEO said – “We think that Nelson Hockert-Lotz and Team Domino’s New Bedford exemplifies corporate citizenship and for us, reflects a bright and shining light to other local businesses as a simple and tangible way to help public school students! We also think that talking to students about the importance of education in all it’s forms and their building a more caring community together, is for us, a most perfect investment.”

At GiftsToGive we’ve always placed youth literacy, in any form, at the top of our list. With over 12,000 student volunteers coming through our doors each year, it’s common sense for us to support not only – speech, language, writing, reading and public speaking literacy but banking, budgets and financial planning literacy.



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