City On A Hill High School Students, Making A Difference

Twenty-five students and staff from City On A Hill High School spent their morning with us. We worked on gift packages, books and toys. Rather than us telling the story, we asked student Sarah Bethoney for an essay on their group experience.

Here is what Sarah had to say: “Coming to GiftsToGive was a great experience. Learning the process of how we can help the people in our community and seeing all the work that goes into it is a phenomenal thing to see. My peers and I came to GiftsToGive to volunteer by helping organize books, clothes and toys to go out to children.

GiftsToGive is a great place for schools to bring their kids to help their community. Going through all those toys, books, and clothes for children helps us give back to our community and help those families that are in need. The adult volunteers do an outstanding job running this private charity. They analyze what needs to be done throughout the week and who needs help in what department.

An average of 1,000 kids from all different schools go in each month and help out in these different departments. By going there and volunteering we helped so many families, but we only made a dent! GiftsToGive is a huge private charity and needs more volunteers willing to do some work! The ages for volunteering are 4 and up so anyone can help out! My peers and I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to support the families in our community.

My classmate Kaydynn Grajales, the photographer for this article said, “I enjoyed all these fun memories we created while helping the community.” Overall, GiftsToGive is a place every student should experience.”

Photos from our morning are here. (Photos are a gift from student Kaydynn Grajales)

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