Who influenced you as a young woman?


Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

We’re building a network of gifted, connected women.

The Sorority for Middle school girls kicks off its second year at the Normandin Middle School in New Bedford.

We’re looking for guest speakers for Thursday afternoons, in school, after school, from 2:30-4pm.

For a child, creating a meaningful future life that is based in a current life of poverty or dysfunction, or both, takes exceptional determination. It’s a desire often fueled by mentors who have been through a similar situation and were determined to make a difference in this world. It’s a cycle that bears repeating. Do you have that gift? Have you seen yourself through a difficult time and understand the challenges children of similar circumstance face? Become a guest speaker to our young women, foster hope and friendship, make a difference in their tomorrows.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks

Guest Speaker is a misnomer, guest talker is really what we’re looking for. Spend an hour and talk with our girls about what it was like for you when you were in middle school and how you came to understand the importance of several of our curriculum topics: personal responsibility, integrity, honor, character, family, education and healthy choices.

If you’re interested, please zip off our dandy contact form and we’ll follow-up with a 5-minute telephone interview.

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